Peter Spiewok


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Research Profile

  • Origin and dissemination of the hadith.
  • Learning cultures in early Islam.
  • Literality and Orality in Islamic Writing.
  • Semantics of the Normativity of the Qur’an.


  • A narrative and its textual variants – Questions regarding the transmission and normative relevance of Hadith. Berlin, EB-Verlag, 2020, 223-268.
  • Der Ḥukm-Begriff als Denkfigur des normativen Denkens im frühen Islam (in the making).


  • International Conference “Understanding and Believing – A Comparative View of Theological Scriptural Hermeneutics”, 20.06-22.06.2018
  • International Workshop „Moderne Reformansätze im Islamischen Denken“ 29.09.-01.10.2016