Cooperations within FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

The most important cooperation partner is the Chair for Oriental Philology and Islamic Studies (Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer). This cooperation is especially fruitful in the area of Quran Studies. Here, conferences as well as a cooperation between the chairs in the Master program Islamic-Religious Studies in two modules has been established: “Quran and modernity” as well as “research methods and source analysis”.

In Quranic studies, a joint PhD position, mentored by the Chair for Oriental Philology and the Chair for Islamic-Religious Studies with the focus on text analysis and jurisprudence, will be established.

Furthermore, DIRS cooperates with the Chair for Christian Media Studies (Prof. Johanne Haberer). The result of this cooperation is the interdisciplinary Master program Media-Ethics-Religion, which can be studied with the research focus Islam and Media. The following modules of the program are offered by DIRS: “Media ethics”, “theological backgrounds”, “consolidation and theology”, “religion and media I”.

The IZIR center is integrated into DIRS via the Chair for Islamic Religious Education. It has a strong impact on the systematic advancement and scientific grounding of the teachership study programs at FAU. A more far reaching cooperation with the teach-learn-research at FAU is planned to strengthen the special didactic preconditions of teachers of Islamic religious education.

Here, inter-religious seminars, e. g. on “Goethe and Islam. Postcolonial Perspectives”, are established in cooperation with the Chair for Religious and Missionary Studies.

ZAR cooperates with the Chair for Islamic-Religious Studies with the focus Text analysis and Jurisprudence. Here, DIRS will apply itself more strongly. Furthermore, a joint research project with the title “ethos of narrativity in Quran” is planned. Additionally, DIRS will cooperate with ZAR in the new research field “influence of confession and denomination on the community”.

DIRS cooperates with EZIRE especially in the area of Islamic norm studies, which marks the contextual intersection of both institutes. The new research foci “human rights and Islam” and “women and Islam” will intensify the cooperation. Furthermore, a research cooperation on the topic of “perceived justice” is planned.

The DIRS plans to cooperate with the Center for Euro-Oriental Studies (CEOS) in a variety of research fields.

Within their elective modules, students from other programs at the Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology take classes at DIRS

Cooperations with other Universities

  • project cooperation with the University of Luzern since November 2016: “Dignity and Honor in Islam”. The project is interdisciplinary and based on external funds and is conducted in cooperation with Chair for criminal justice at the University of Luzern and the Chair for Islamic Theology at the University of Istanbul
  • project cooperation with the University of Fes, Morocco.
  • project cooperation with the partner university Qasimi in Palestine/Israel
  • project cooperation with University of Fes, Morocco: rereading and reconstructing of the Islamic heritage in modernity” (in Arabic)

  • planned DFG-project: “Reformed theology of diaspora versus salami-radical theory of diaspora” in cooperation with Prof. Dr Karsten Fischer from University of Munich.
  • planned cooperation with the University of Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • cooperation with the network Education and Religion e.V., scientific study group, Cologne
  • reviewer at the University of Osnabrück: involved in the accreditation process of the study programs “Islamic Theology” and “Islamic Religion” as part of the “several-subjects-study-model” at the University of Osnabrück.
  • Member of the Scientific Commission Lower Saxony.
  • Member of the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue in Bamberg
  • Founding member of the German Association for Islamic-theologic studies

  • ERASMUS-Plus cooperation for Islamic Studies in German (SISD) at the al-Azhar University in Cairo
  • third-party funding project (in planning): forming of identities in a multi-religious society. Strategies, methods and processes of appropriation of religious self-assurance in medieval Christian-Islamic polemics and apologetics (750-1200), together with Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer and Prof. Dr. C. Horn
  • Cooperation with the study program Middle Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin (Erasmus and external Examiner)
  • planned AIWG-project in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Muna Tatari, University of Paderborn, working title: “undiscovered interfaces between kalam and fish”

  • cooperation with the Chairs for Catholic and Protestant religious education in Nürnberg
    • joint seminar on the topic “religious actors in Bible and Quran”
  • cooperation with the Bavarian Bible center in Nürnberg
    • workshops
    • establishment of a concept for the exhibition: Torah, Bible and Quran
  • cooperation with the Universities of Frankfurt and Osnabrück on the topic of “social work”
    • workshops
    • application for workshop project
  • cooperation with the Institute for transcultural communication in Augsburg to strengthen Islamic welfare in Bavaria

  • cooperation with the Iranian University Jamea al-Mustafa and joint organization of an excursion to Iran
  • research application for two PhD positions in cooperation with Dr. Mariam Popal, University of Bayreuth, on the topic: “Imagination and diversity – heteropias of global legal ethics? postcolonial recodification of corporality and law in the works of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Mostafā Malekyān und Ahmad Qābel«
  • joint coordination of the cooperation with the junior research group “Islamic contemporary cultures” at the University of Bayreuth