Welcome to the Department of Islamic-Religious Studies (DIRS)

The Department Islamic-Religious Studies (DIRS) is the youngest department of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology and was opened on September 27, 2012. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, DIRS represents the imparting of pluralistic theological traditions in Islam and provides students with profound knowledge on Islamic religion. With their character, biography and interests, the researchers working at DIRS contribute to this department and enable the transmission of diverse Islamic teachings of theology and norms as well as mystical, ethical and philosophical traditions.

In the summer term 2018, classes at FAU start on April 9, 2018. Students of the Bachelor and Master programs at DIRS can expect a variety of interesting seminars and lectures. Some of the classes are also open for guests. For more information and for an overview of all offered classes, please visit ...


Department Islamic-Religious Studies

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