Study abroad

Decision Making

Preconditions for Joining the Erasmus(+)-Program

The Erasmus(+)-Program stands open for every student of the study programs at the Deparment for Islamic Religious Studies. Generally, the following preconditions need to be fulfilled to enable the participation of Erasmus(+):

  • Immatriculation at FAU
  • Completation of at least two semesters before starting the studies abroad
  • Sufficient knowledge of the teaching language in the destination country (at least A2-Niveau of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language).

Guest university

In Summer 2017, DIRS has established a cooperation with the German section of the prestigious al-Azhar University in Cairo. For further information look here.

Since winter term 2017/18, an exchange program with the Université Sidi Mohammad Ben Abdallah in Morocco/Fes has been established.

Period of Stay

At al-Azhar University, you can study for one term. Please take into account that the division of the academic year differs from university to university. You might possibly start your studes abroad only a couple of weeks after the lecture period at FAU has ended.

Period of Application

You can already apply for the Erasmus(+)program in the first semester of your Bachelor or Master program. Please note that the earliest time to begin your studies abroad is the third semester of your Bachelor program. Also note that in any case, you have to apply for the program about one year in advance. To decide which period of stay is most suitable for you, please contact your Erasmus(+) coordinator.


First Step: Application at DIRS

The application for one out of the three Erasmus(+)spots first takes place within DIRS. You have to fill out the Erasmus(+) application formular of our institute and have to hand it in on time to your Erasmus(+) coordinator together with references regarding your course of studies and language skills. The application deadline for both winter and following  summer term is mid January.

In singular cases, applications for remaining spots are possible after the deadline for application has expired. The following documents are required to apply for a study exchange at a partner university of DIRS:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Proof of immatriculation
  • Transcript of records from mycampus
  • When enrolled in the MA program: certificate of your BA degree with transcript of records
  • Proof of language skills

Selection criterion 

You will participate in a personal interview. The backing of the application by the program coordinator is required for your nomination.

The nomination will take place after the application deadline. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection procedure via email.

Second step: Application at the Guest University

If you have been nominated by DIRS to participate in Erasmus(+), in a second step you have to apply autonomously at the partner university. Information about the procedure can be accessed via the websites oft he partner universities. Please note that the application deadlines set by the guest universities have to be adhered to by all means.

Preparing your Trip abroad

Regarding subject-specific questions on the Erasmus(+)program, you can contact the Erasmus(+) coordinators of our institute. With regard to administrative questions, please contact the department for international affairs at FAU.

You also have to independently arrange some requirements: It is expected that you independently apply for your term abroad at our partner university, that you achieve a proper leave of absence, that you organize your accomodation at your destination country, that you obtain all insurances required (health and indemnity insurance) and that you receive an appropriate language preparation for your trip.

Learning agreement

Before departure, you should adjust your study plans for your term abroad together with your Erasmus(+) coordinator. The choice of classes is written down (Learning Agreement) and has to be signed be the Erasmus(+) coordinator.

Acknowledgement of Academic Achievements

DIRS recommends the allowance of study achievements from partner universities and supports ist students in the acknowledgement procedure. The learning agreement is of utmost importance in this regard. It is thus necessary that the agreement is agreed to by the program coordinators.

The actual acknowledgement only takes place after the student has returned from the partner university. Students who wish the acknowledgement of their academic achievements have to provide comprehensive information about the course taken abroad (course schedule, copy oft he written assignments, transcript of records etc.) to the program coordinator.

Requirements for Acknowledgement

To be acknowledged as academic achievement an das an equivalent to a DIRS study course, the course taken at the partner university needs to correspond to a course in Islamic Religious Studies with regard to both content and scope of performance. Generally, an acknowledgement of study achievements can also be ensured if the course taken abroad differs with regard to ECTS points or the form of final examination.

Key Qualifications

Bachelor students can aquire key qualifications while studying abroad. After returning to Germany, these qualifications can be recognized. To do so, the same requirements that apply for key qualifications at FAU, have to be fulfilled: the course has to have been offered by a university and cannot be locate within the regularly studied programs of a student. Regardless of wether courses are acknowledged as a key qualification, any student participation in the Erasmus(+)program for at least one semester will achieve 5 ECTS points for their key qualifications. To achieve the credits, the student has to provide their transcript of records from the partner university indicating the participation in the course.