Going abroad

General Information and Contact Persons

DIRS recommends their students to stay abroad and supports them while doing so. We are also pleased to welcome international guests at our institute.

Since summer term 2017, DIRS participated in the Erasmus(+) program of the EU. Erasmus(+) is an exchange program which enables a university student to study or intern abroad for a period of up to 12 months (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Erasmus(+)students receive a grant for their living expenses abroad. Furthermore, they do not need to pay tuitution. A stay abroad supported by Erasmus(+) is only possible at a university which has agreed to a bilateral agreement with DIRS.

Starting in the summer term 2017, the DIRS has established a partnership with the honourable al-Azhar-University in Cairo. Contact partner in Cairo is Dr. Mohammed Abdel Rahem.

The DIRS has established a partnership with the Al-Qasemi College in Israel. For more information contact Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nekroumi  and Hadil Lababidi.

Starting the winter term 2019/2020, the DIRS has also established a partnership with the Harran University in Sanliurfa/ Türkei. For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nekroumi.

Starting in the winter term 2020/21, DIRS has established a partnership with the Trinity College Dublin. For more information contact Prof. Dr. El Kaisy-Friemuth.

For content-related questions regarding studies abroad as well as the Erasmus(+)-program, please contact the Erasmus-coordinator at DIRS.

The International Office of the Faculty of Philosophy at FAU provides a comprehensive guidance for students interested in a study trip abroad, an internship abroad or a foreign language assistance. Furthermore, the Office offers information events, gives advice about possible partner universities and supports grant applications.

General and administrative questions will be answered by the colleagues of Department for International Affairs.