External Projects

Adopt an Academic

the political crises in the Near and Middle East and other world regions have also forced several scientists to flee their home countries. To ease their re-integration into the scientific community, the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Free University of Berlin have brought the mentoring program „Adopt an Academic“ into being. The program is directed at resorted and endangered scientists and puts them into contact with mentors who teach and research at German or Arab research institutions. The aim of the project is to welcome resorted and endangered academics in a safe environment and to help them to resume their academic career as soon as possible. Details on the program can be found here.

Women of Islamic Studies

A database for women in Islamic studies is currently established in north america. The aim is to strengthen womens presence at scientific conferences, commissions and in publications. Researchers can sign up themselves or others and should mention their area of research to become more visible and easier to find. Further information can be found here.