Master Programs

At DIRS, you can choose between the research Master’s program, Islamic-Religious Studies, and the interdisciplinary Master’s program, Media-Ethics-Religion.

Research Master’s Program Islamic-Religious Studies

Deadline for applications for the winter term 2021/22 is July 15, 2021!

Our Master’s program “Islamic Religious-Studies” (IRS) is a research-oriented religio-theological as well as religio-philosophical Master’s degree which primarily deals with the exploration of beliefs and the mindscape of Islamic religious scholarship.


Theology is thereby regarded as a method of a systematic-reflective unfolding of religious statements of faith, as well as spiritual doctrinal traditions.
On the one hand, theology examines the emergence as well as historical development of beliefs, on the other hand it investigates their social status in present times.
The aim of theology is to promote the development of sustainable concepts with regard to current questions concerning freedom, human rights, tolerance, and religious pluralism from both interior and interdisciplinary points of view.
The focus of this program lies on the disciplines of ethics as well as religious philosophy. Therefore, this course involves the theoretical reflection of the essential contents of the Muslim faith (oneness of God, prophecy, justice, spirituality, normative doctrine) as well as their formulations in the historic and present context (dogmatic theology).

Interdisciplinary Connections

The Master’s program IRS regards itself as part of the liberal arts tradition of the Philosophical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU), and is therefore closely connected to related disciplines as far as methodology and content are concerned. Those related sciences support the program to establish an external perspective on all topics regarding Islam.
Thus, in a methodological sense, Islamic theology is understood to be an interdisciplinary science. The faculties of Oriental Philology as well as Islamic Sciences respectively Arabic and Semitic Studies are regarded as important partners in this respect, as they will also establish a Masters program beginning in winter term 2015/16. As a result, the IRS will work together with the faculties mentioned in the matter of two Masters program modules (“Research Method and Source Analysis” as well as “Koran and Modernism”) and all faculties will import teaching contents jointly as well as mutually. The program will impart scientific methods of theological, yet also historic, anthropological as well as philosophical fields of study. The aim hereby is to unite the most important spiritual topics and issues of the Islamic faith as well as to explore these topics and issues with reference to religious diversity.

Skills and Career Outlooks

Our Master program is a full time study course and allows students – apart from gaining theological core competencies and the ability to reflect upon Islam from an interior as well as various exterior points of view – to furthermore exchange ideas with regard to other world religions and social as well as cultural interpretations of the Muslim faith.
The Master course also offers the opportunity to critically reflect upon politics and society respectively their philosophical, ethical and spiritual questions. Analytical thinking, the ability to shift one’s perspective as well as communication skills thus all offer a solid foundation for the eventual working environment.

Please see here for the examination regulations and study program (in German).

Here, you can have a look at our flyer.

Admission Requirements

The Master program Islamic-Religious Studies is eligible for Bachelor graduates with the following qualifications:

  • 1-Subject-Bachelor Degree or 2-Subject-Bachelor Degree in Islamic-Religious Studies at FAU as well as comparable BA degrees achieved in Islamic Theology
  • Degrees in social or cultural sciences or humanities that include subjects of Islamic-Religious studies with systematic, practical or text analysis focus in their curricula (40 ECTS minimum).
  • For applicants from both subject specific and non-subject specific BA degrees, a grade point average of 2,5 is required.
  • Applicants from subject specific BA programs that have a grade point average from 2,51 to 3,0 might be invited to a selection interview
  • Applicants require knowledge of Arabic on the B2-level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (provided by proof of Arabic classes with an amount of at least 40 ECTS points or equivalent certificates, e. g. UNIcert level II).


The application deadline for the MA program Islamic-Religious Studies is July 15, 2021. Please send your application via the online application platform of FAU:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        campo

Please also send your application in print to the Master program administration at FAU.

Your application needs to include:

  • CV listed in tabular form
  • letter of motivation (1-2 pages, DIN A4)
  • all documents of proof concerning your educational career (German school and university certificates in simple copy, foreign certificates in certified copy, if necessary with certified translation), including transcript of record and diploma supplements

Your contact person at the Department Islamic-Religious Studies

Elham Daniela Mazloum

Phone: +49 9131 85-20489



Prof. Dr. Reza Hajatpour

Phone: 0049 – (0) 9131 – 85 26024


Master Program Media-Ethics-Religion

By leading the societal discourse on Islam, media outlets shape the public perception of Islam. They create and structure the perception of Islam in society. To depict a differenciated picture of Islam in public, media representatives require qualifications in both media science and journalism as well as profound knowledge on Islam, it’s theology, traditions and societal entrenchment.


The master program „Islam and Media“ is coined by a strong interdisciplinary approach and links Islamic theology, ethics, journalism and science of communication and media. The courses offered strengthen communicative skills and critical faculty as well as interdisciplinary thought, critical reflective faculty and intercultural competence with a focus on Islamic theology.


The program aims at encouraging new Muslim target groups of future journalists to a more differentiated and factual contact with these subject matters. The foci are:

  • (media) technical knowledge
  • religious foundations of Muslim media use
  • Ethical reflection of these foundations
  • Interreligious education and acknowledgement – Christian and Muslim students are educated jointly

Description of program (120 ECTS total)

There is strong interdisciplinarity and crosslinking between

  • Islamic Theology (3 Modules + Master thesis = 50 ECTS + 15 ECTS internship)
  • Media Ethics
  • Journalism
  • Communication and Media Science

The three Islamic Theology modules consists of the following modules:

I. Module „Islamic Theological Foundations“(10 ECTS).

The following courses from the Bachelor program Islamic Religious Studies are up for election*:

  • Quran and Hadith I or II
  • Science of Norms
  • Islamic Theology (Kalam)
  • Quran and Had
  • Mysticism or
  • Islamic Philosophy

*Students with a BA in Islamic Theology take classes from the Research Master program.

II. Module „Islamic Media Ethics“ (5 ECTS)

  • Foundations of Islamic ethics
  • Importance of freedom of speech and freedom of media for religious norms
  • Discussion of media in Islamic Education: What usage of media are appropriate?
  • Instrumentalization of media by politics
  • Role of media in debates on integration

III. Module „Religion and Media“ (5 ECTS)

  • Spatiality in Islam: The role of the mosque in public discourses in the course of Islamic history
  • Islamic law in public discourses
  • The status of women in public discourses
  • Islamic morality in public discourses as well the Islam-picture of the media

Master thesis: 30 ECTS.

Independent development of a topic from the area of Media-Ethics-Religion with Islamic focus or from a Muslim perspective. Furthermore, practical modules have to be attended (15 ECTS total).

You can find the study plan here (in German).

Application and Interview

The master program „Media-Ethics-Religion“ with the focus „Islam and Media“ starts every winter term. The next possible starting point is winter term 2018/19. Please send your applications via the online portal campo and additionally apply in print by sending your documents to the Master administration office at FAU.

The application deadline is July 15, 2019.

Your application must include:

  • CV listed in tabular form
  • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages, DIN A4)
  • All documents concerning your education history (German and Foreign school and university certificates in simple copy, with translation where appropriate), including transcript of records and diploma supplements.

Contact Person at the Department for Islamic Religious Studies

Prof. Dr. Maha El-Kaisy
Phone: 0049 – (0) 9131 – 85 260 25

Further information on the program (in German)