Call for Paper – International Conference – Rationality in Islamic Theology: The Post-Classical Period (1200-1900)

Building up on the two conferences: Rationality in the Islamic Theology: the classical period (2015) and the modern period (2017), Prof. Maha El Kaisy-Friemuth of the Chair of Practical Theology and Kalām at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is organizing the international conference “Rationality in Islamic Theology in the Post-Classical Period (1200-1900)” from 28.09.22 to 29.09.2022.

The post-classical period is a very important period and the connecting bridge between the classical and the modern Islamic thought. In this period inter- disciplinary connections between the Islamic sciences became an important characteristic element and took place between many disciplines.

Prof. Maha El Kaisy would be very honored if we could win you as a speaker for this conference with a lecture on the above-mentioned topic!

Further information on the conference can be found in the concept: please see PDF and Call for paper.

We kindly ask you to send Muhammed Ragab: an abstract of 200-300 words until 10.07.2022.


We look forward to your feedback and remain yours sincerely!