Impressions of the visiting professorship at the Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with the Focus Text Analysis and Jurisprudence

Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with the Focus Text Analysis and Jurisprudence looks back on an intensive and interdisciplinary working week.

The focus of the lectures and discussions held at this week of events was on the fundamental issues of Islamic theology, especially concerning the relationship between authoritative texts and their normative values.

The analysis of this issue covered the textual-hermeneutical approach presented by the world-renowned Hadith expert, Prof. Jonathan Brown, the legal, philosophical and ethical perspectives introduced by the renowned Prof. Bennani from Morocco, and the distinctive features of the mystical-philosophical approach presented by Prof. Sobhi Rayan from Al-Qasemi College.

The highlight of this eventful week was a public panel discussion held on Thursday where the visiting professors responded in detail to questions from students and department representatives.

In addition, the individual events were followed by project- and experience exchange, both on the part of the FAU and the visiting professors’ home universities.

This event also took a form of a kick-off event for the recommencement of the on-site attendance phase of lectures and seminars at the FAU.

We would like to thank the visiting professors, all participants and our organizing team for this wonderful week.