Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nekroumi

Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with the Focus Text Analysis and Jurisprudence

As part of the Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with a focus on textual discourse and analysis, the relevant thematic priorities of theological text hermeneutics represent the rich Islamic theological tradition with regard to the epistemological process of religious norm formation in teaching and research. This research field addresses fundamental questions of traditional exegetical approaches in the process of theological derivation of norms from the revelation sources of Islam. Here, the phases of the history of ideas and the presuppositions of normative basic concepts of Qur’an and Hadith hermeneutics with regard to the change in the way Muslims live are at the center of the interest of textual research.

Since 2015 Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with the Focus Text Analysis and Jurisprudence at the Department for Islamic-Religious Studies at FAU
2013-2015 Expert Representative for Quranic exegesis (University of Münster)
2011-2013 Research Assistant (University of Tübingen)
2006-2011 Lecturer (Free University of Berlin)
1996-2006 Research Assistant (University of Bonn)

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  • Hermeneutics of Quran and Hadith
  • Islamic law
  • Islamic jurisprudence and theological ethics
  • Theological textual hermeneutics
  • Jurisprudence in Islam
  • Question of derivation of norms from the authoritative sources of Islam regarding the contemporary practical life of Muslims
  • Question of theological text interpretation in context of social and epistemological diversity
  • Relationship between Man and Society
  • Relationship between Man and God
  • Alterity in Islam from a faith perspective

„Ehre in Familie, Recht und Religion – Lokalismus im Strafrecht als Herausforderung für die Einwanderungsgesellschaft”

in collaboration with the Chair for criminal law and criminal trial law at the University Luzern, the theological faculty of the University Luzern as well as the faculty of law of the German-Turkish University in Istanbul.
Head of Project: Prof. Dr. jur. Andreas Eicker

A selection of recent publications can be found here (in German).

An overview of recent presentations can be found here (in German).

Bachelor theses
  • Mert Ilpesin (Bachelor thesis , winter term 2016/17): Die Vielfalt der Koranexegese am Beispiel der Sura 2 Vers 102-103

Ongoing doctoral theses

  • Li Gang: „Negotiating the Future of Law: a Case Study of the Reconciliation of Islamic Law as Living Law and State Law in China“
  • Mahshid Risseh: „Women’s freedom in marriage Dissolution under Iran regulations with a view to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)“
  • Peter Spiewok: „Junge Zeitzeugen der Offenbarung als aktive Bindeglieder zwischen der Prophetengemeinde und den Hadih-Autoritäten des zweiten Jahrhunderts“
  • Hadil Lababidi: „Nafs und Rūḥ: Vom Lebenshauch zur Selbstheit. Grundfragen islamischer Bioethik am Lebensende“
  • Talha Dogan: „Die Evaluation der exegetischen Ethik-Maßstäbe der mekkanischen Verse im Quran durch Ismail Haqqi Bursawi und Sayid Qutb“
  • Mohammed Al-Ahmari: „The Theory of Opposition and Alienation“
  • Sliman Abbouchi: „Problematik der Fatwa zwischen gesellschaftlicher Wirklichkeit und Interpretation des umstrittenen Hadiths aus der Perspektive des Fiqh und des Gesetzes“
  • Akrimi Matswah: „A Reconstructive Effort to the Concept of Jihad: A Study of Qur´anic Verses on Rewards for Martyrs“
  • Nesibe Kurt: Die Bekleidung der Frau im Islam
  • Ipek Reyhan Tuncay: Die Exegese zum Vers 3,39 im Vergleich von Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, Süleyman Ates und Mustafa Öztürk